Dear Donors and well wishers of Living Voice TV programmes:

It is a flash News from Rev.Victor Gnanaraj for your prayers.

On 18th May 2013, I was in my Prayer closet praying for the 19th May Sunday morning service which was a Pentecostal Sunday. Suddenly a Dove entered into our House. The dove had 9 feathers in the right wing and nine feathers in the left wing and had five feathers at the tail. Both the nine feathers on the two wings stands for the nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit and nine fruit of the Holy Spirit. The tail five feathers stand for the five fold Ministry. In essence the Dove stands for the Holy Spirit. It is very apt it came to visit my Prayer closet prior to the day of Pentecost. At close range I took ten photo shots of the Dove but it did not fly away seeing the flash light. (Photo is attached)

Prophecy for the week:
There is power shortage all over and solar power is being used now profusely. Soon solar power will be converted into Energy drink for Health improvement. More than any other time in the History, new products of food and beverages would be introduced all over the world.

Prayer Points:

In coordination with Reliance, we are floating WebTV which can be seen globally. You can submit your prog. for telecasting.
All Tv stations are going HD format and hence our Video cameras have become out dated. We digitalizing our output. We ordered two PMW EX3 XD Cam for Rs. 119,000,0/= from Singapore. The cameras are coming for installation this week. Praise God for who supplied money for the purchase of this Camera.

Pr.Vg has accepted huge printing orders for Bishop Emmanuel Idu of Nigeria. Our earlier Graphic Asst. Amali Jessintha will be working from home on line from Chennai and our Web Master Er.Alex will do the needful for sales of Kindle editions.
Pray for Paster VG who has many irons in the fire. The secretion of Nuclear Factor kB in hypothalamus protein content from Heaven is making age reversal for him who believes in living 120 years like Moses or till Jesus comes according to Gen.6:3.

Rev.Victor Gnanaraj.